The Partners Guide

Who is a partner?

Today, a Rudolph data partner is any CRE professional who has been invited to our platform, signs up to become a partner, and approves their marketing assets for use on our data platform and/or manages their listings on the platform. Our focus today is on listings.
Philosophically, the entire CRE industry is our partner. We want to create the world's premier CRE listing and data platform, but we know that can't happen unless we establish a true partnership with the industry. The obvious solution for us, is to directly let our partners share in our success. That's why we are committed to giving a minimum of 25% of our annual revenue to our data partners.

What are the rewards?

In addition to cash from Rudolph's revenue, we are working on setting up a points system to reward data partners for achieving milestones of contribution. Among others, these rewards will include access to data you would otherwise have to pay for, enhanced analytics, data moderation abilities, and ultimately, access to Rudolph's financial statements.

How are rewards calculated?

We calculate a score for every listing and every data partner each month that determines what percent of the total revenue share they should receive that month.
That score is based primarily off the value your data brings to the Rudolph platform, and then on the robustness of that data.
Value is the popularity of your data. The more it appears in search results, and especially the more your listings are visited directly, the higher your score.
Robustness is how fleshed out your listing is. Its an incentive to give more detailed and more accurate data. If your listings have actual rent or for sale prices, that is better than a 'Contact Broker' value. If your listing have 3 photos, thats better than 1 (though after 5 photos, there is no incremental value for another photo). Users can report inaccurate data on listings, which reduce the score.

When do I get paid?

Today, our payments are made quarterly, with allocations being finalized in one months time. The minimum payment size is $25. If your don't get to $25 in one quarter, your credit will rollover indefinitely until you reach that threshold. Considering we are just getting started, it might be a little while until our revenue is sizable enough that we are making regular payments to most of our data partners. If you like the concept, consider recommending the platform for your brokerage firm, the better we do, the better our data partners will do.